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Definitely worth seeing.
Went to the premier last night in Hollywood. A great collaboration between the directors of the East and the West. It was a powerful movie, yet very heartbreaking. History is not always pretty, but to see and hear about the hardships and sacrifices that our military had to go through just makes you appreciate our veterans and our country even more. Go and see this movie, and remember to thank a veteran for their service.
— Tygerzmom Tygerzmom
I walked into the theater to see this movie without any expectations or preconceived notions, having experienced first hand the atrocities of wars and what they are all about. With tears rolling down my cheeks I followed the stories of these men and their tales of torment, trials and tribulations, their testaments as to what evil germinates in the human heart and how much darkness it harbors in its drumming. Yet little did I know that the human heart can also blossom and rise with forgiveness and kindness. Even in the darkest of places and the most horrific situations there are those who sparkle and shine. The story of the Chinese man who risked his life offering cucumbers to the prisoners played a tune of hope on the strings of my sobbing heart. Such humanity is miraculous. Alphonse De Lamartine, a french poet wrote: “TO LOVE FOR THE SAKE OF LOVING IN RETURN IS HUMAN. BUT TO LOVE FOR THE SAKE OF LOVING IS ANGELIC.” That selfless act of kindness has not left my thoughts. I pray this movie would be retold through the creativity of the directors. Their dedication and efforts to retell these historical events is equivalent to the POWs strive to survive injustice.
— ELijah Schkeiban
A wonderful learning experience.
A very touching film, which serves as a reminder to us the sacrifice and the price paid for freedom. It also is a reminder that we should never forget the actions of our grandfathers, whether they be good or bad. I hope that current and future generations of Americans will be able to face challenges with the same courage and spirit of forgiveness these brave soldiers did.
— Kirk Chang
Shines a Light on a Dark Period of History
This documentary is about a part of World War II that high school history textbooks gloss over. It discusses the US soldiers who were left behind in the Philippines after General MacArthur’s surrender following US defeat at the Battle of Bataan. These soldiers became prisoners of war, and the documentary outlines their experiences in great detail. Director Anderson sought the surviving POWs out for interviews, which I thought was the best part of the movie. Seeing these 90 year old men recount their experiences was extremely touching. Overall, a great film about a dark period of history!
— Angela Shen
I am impressed with directors, Richard Anderson and Shen Haofang, who were able to put this important part of history together. I especially liked hearing from those 92-98 years old POWs, who were interviewed. The former soldiers showed their spirit and dignity in telling their stories to the world, so we can learn the lessons of about their sacrifice, suffering, and more so, their loyalty to our country. This may be our last chance to hear these particular witnesses to history. These American POWs is a great generation people that we salute!
— Frank Nelson
I enjoyed the film very much. I learned so much about this part of history, which is usually glossed over in text books. “It was very touching and serves as a reminder to us about our veteran’s sacrifice and paid for freedom. I especially touched by their forgiving kind heart toward the Japanese after being tortured and abused. All of the 92-98 old soldiers who are still living said that after we won the war, they didn’t think of killing any of the Japanese soldiers. Brave, selfless and kindness- I learned that much! A wonderful touching film that we must see.
— Mellisa Johnson

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